The Summary: Aresol’s Archives is a project dedicated to showcasing the many characters in Japanese media. Detailing the personalities of characters in as analytic and unbiased of a way as possible. Beyond that it showcases several more casual looks at the initial thoughts of the author on shows of varying natures.

The Author: Aresol is a young(ish) writer based around Chicago who makes fair use of his past studies in psychology and journalism. He previously worked as the Editor in Chief for the tokusatsu centric sites RRR and Otoku before the ship sank. He also demonstrates a love for the obscure and is in fact not a spray can.

The Goal: I’ve always looked at characters in a higher light than most other elements of a story and I feel that if a character is made well enough then a connection and lesson can be established. I want to highlight the importance of what a character can be and what it can ultimately mean both inside and outside of its story. I try to accomplish this in such a way that it’s not so much that I am pointing this out to you but that I lay the elements on the table and sway you to see the deeper connections between the characters lives, emotions, and relations.


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