Most relationships that I’ve ever had, be they romantic, familial, or simply friendships, can all pretty much be equated to building a sand castle. You pack down the sand, and shape it the way you want it, and you can actually end up making some really impressive stuff out of it, but eventually, no matter how much you try to avoid it, it’ll crumble and fall apart. It’s sand, it’s not gonna hold up forever.
So you build a new one and you think to yourself, “I’m not gonna make the same mistakes this time. This castle will be stronger than the old one.” And maybe it is, and maybe it looks a little better and lasts a little longer, but then it falls apart.
And you keep building and building, and over time, as you find yourself packing down the sand once again, you begin to wonder why you keep building the damn things. You know the outcome. So why do you continue to try?
And that question begins to eat away at you. All of a sudden you start seeing all of these imperfections in each of your castles and instead of doing something to fix it, you just sit there and watch it topple over. Why try to patch it up when each castle is nothing more than a waiting game? Each attempt, no matter how substantial, will be met with the same result.
And then you wonder “Should I ignore it, that question eating away at me, and just keep going? Or should I save myself the time and just kick the castle over now?”

I usually end up knocking them over.


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