D&D Milodon: Session 1, Part 1

This is, as you can probably guess, a chronicle of a recent D&D campaign that I’ve been DMing. I’ve decided to go ahead and write out the chapters of their adventure, though, I’m going to refrain from inserting the more blatant “This is a game” aspects. Everything written here is not of my imagination nor am I trying to present it as such. Everything you read is exactly as the in-game story had progressed during each session of play. I hope you find it entertaining and I hope to continue keeping up with these as the game progresses.

Welcome to D&D Milodon.

– – – – –

Our adventure starts as the young Eladrin man by the name of Arannsis comes across the town of Cordate. After journeying through the mortal realm for quite some time he finds himself a bit tired and proceeds to check the local houses for places to reside for a short rest. Having only recently exited the Feywild Arannsis finds himself unfamiliar with the mortal world or its customs. This leads him in a fruitless attempt to open several residences in search of a suitable rest area. As he attempts to enter one house in particular a child stops him and questions him on what he is doing there.

“I wish to use this house to rest.” Arannsis addresses the child with an air of self importance.

“But this is my house.” The child responds, clearly confused by the Eladrin’s demand.

“Yes, and I wish to use it briefly.”

“But you can’t just walk into my house.”

“Why not?”

“You just can’t.” The child replies, growing increasingly taken aback at the situation before her.

“What law tells me that I cannot?”

“What? Um-I…”

Seeing Arannsis’ failure to grasp the reasoning behind not being let into her house the child runs inside to alert her parents. Having found entering a residence difficult Arannsis chooses to simply position himself within a local yard until he is fully rested.

We move to a Tiefling man sleeping on a boat that has just recently pulled into dock. Several of the crew members come down to the storage area in which Shagretor(the Tiefling) is residing and inform him that he’s come as far as they’ll take him. The men seem to take a bit of hostility towards Shagretor showing a great amount of disrespect towards his species, something the young man simply brushes off.

Shagretor steps out into the port of the village Cordate and surveys the small rustic town. As his eyes scan across the town he briefly glances at the bizarre sight of an elf sitting on the grass outside of a house staring off into space. Ignoring this, Shagretor’s attention is immediately drawn to the local tavern in which he finds very few people and a somewhat on edge bartender. The man behind the bar seems apprehensive toward the Tiefling, asking him his reasoning for entering his bar. Shagretor ignores the man’s question and simply orders a beer which he downs in one gulp.

After some time passing the Eladrin chooses to leave his resting spot and venture down the town to a local general store. Arannsis looks over the small store seeing only basic supplies lining its shelves. He eventually makes his way to the front counter where he addresses an elderly man waiting eagerly on his foreign customer.

“Oh hello, may I help you?” The old clerk asks.

“What are the laws of this area?”

“What? Oh, you aren’t here to take my shop are you? I like my shop. It’s my shop.” The clerk appears slightly afraid as he asks, clearly apprehensive towards talk of the law.

“No, I wish to know about the structure of your government.”

“Oh, I-I don’t know. I just don’t want them to take my shop.”

“Can you tell me what authority is in this town?”

“You mean the guards?”

“So the guards run the town?”


Having eventually noticed that the man is clearly senile Arannsis leaves without a word, cutting off the old man mid sentence. A faint “Ok, bye now.” follows as Arannsis makes his way out of the shop. The Eladrin ventures further north into the town until coming across an empty lot. He questions to himself as to why a lot such as this would exist. He proceeds to call over several children who had been playing within the lotted area and questions them on why it was empty. Before getting too far into his questioning he is approached by the alarmed parent of the previous child.

“What are you doing?” The man appears suspicious and slightly aggravated by the foreigner’s appearance in his town.

“I am questioning these children on this lot. It doesn’t make sense.”

“You’re scaring our children. My daughter claims that you tried to break into our house.”

“I was looking for a place to rest.” Arannsis replies in a very ‘matter of fact’ tone of voice.

“Then find an inn! You cannot just walk into someone’s house like that.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s against the law.”

“What law states this?”

“What? The law is the law, it just is what it is.”

“Well then who is in charge here?”

“We’re under the rule of the Paladin, someone I suspect you’ll know well if you don’t start minding your own business around here.”

As the argument continued other civilians began to gather around all taking notice to Arannsis’ bizarre social ineptitude. The noise of the crowd catches the attention of Shagretor within the bar who makes his way out to inspect the situation. As he approaches the crowd the low roar of annoyance suddenly shifts to a loud cry of terror. Most of the children that had been playing were now scattered off to various hiding places. Several of the adult residents began shouting and running towards their homes.

“The Tiefling! The Tiefling is here!” One resident yells in alarm before running off.

“Guards! Guards! The demon has come back!” Another exclaims.

Noticing the crowds reaction to Shagretor, Arannsis immediately draws his sword, holding up to the Tiefling’s throat. “These people call you a demon. What have you done?”

“How should I know I just got here.” Shagretor raises his hands as the sword presses against his skin.

“So are you a demon then or not?”

“Maybe, who knows?” Shagretor cocks his head displaying a playful smile.

“Answer me.” Arannsis’ voice begins to carry a slightly lower edge to its usual regal tone.

“I’m not, I just happen to be red and have horns.” Arannsis lowers his sword slightly at the Tiefling’s answer.

“That still doesn’t answer why these people are frightened of you.”

“No idea, maybe they’re racist.”

“Likely. What is your name?”

“Shagretor” He gave a proud smile as he stated his name.


“What’s wrong with my name?”

“It’s lovely.” There was an air of sarcasm accompanying Arannsis’ answer.

“Your’s any better?”

“Of course.”


“I am Arannsis, an paladin of the fey.”

“That a fancy way of saying you’re an elf?”

“I am not an elf, I am an Eladrin.”

“You look like an elf.”

“You resemble a demon.”

As the two bicker back and forth several guards approach them. As they come upon Shagretor a look of alarm spreads across their faces and they take a more cautious stance.

“You two, what are you doing here?” One of the guards steps out from the group and addresses the two.

“Oh good, the guards. Tell me, who runs this town?” Arannsis asks.

“This town is under the protection of we guards and lies under the rule of our paladin.”

“I guess the paladin thing was true. Who is this paladin?”

“This is not the matter at hand. We have received complaints from the local residents that an elf was causing trouble. Further more it would seem that the Tiefling has returned.”

“I’m not an elf.”

“Regardless I must ask you to leave our village. Your presence here is disturbing the locals. Especially yours Tiefling.” The guard cocks his head disapprovingly at Shagretor.

“Alright.” Being slightly confused at the guards hostility towards him, though obviously noticing the potential for trouble, Shagretor makes his way past the guards and towards the town’s entrance without any protest.

“I see no reason for me to leave. There’s nothing here that I’ve done wrong.” Arannsis replies firmly.

“Look, I don’t know for sure what you’ve been doing, but seeing as how you’ve already one incident in the middle of town I feel that it’d be best if you left.” The guard places a hand on the hilt of his blade.

“I refuse.”

“I’d really prefer to not MAKE you leave elf. I’d like to not cause more of an mess.” A small clink resonates from the guards sheath.

“I have no reason to leave and there’s no reason for you to make me.”

With that the guards each prepare their weapons. Seeing that the guards had now become hostile Arannsis readies his own weapon and prepares for combat. One of the three guards moved in front of Arannsis with the other two lining his sides. The guards swipe at Arannsis with their spears and swords. Though me manages to dodge one of the attacks the other two land firmly causing several gashes across his arms and chest. Slowly losing blood Arannsis takes up his sword against the first guard but is unable to connect.

Shagretor had just reached the village entrance before noticing the scuffle that had started behind him. Taking an almost childlike interest in the fight he precedes to walk closer to the ensuing battle. As he stands on the outside of the fight he begins to remark on Arannsis’ efforts.

Arannsis meanwhile continues to take several more blows eventually dropping to a knee and bleeding profusely. Despite being on the brink of falling unconscious Arannsis takes one more swipe with his sword narrowly missing the guard in front of him.

“I guess I should help the idiot.” Shagretor breathes a heavy sigh, before unsheathing his blade.

Within a flash Shagretor shoots to Arannsis’ side bringing down a mighty sword onto the head guard. While the blow lands it only manages to knock the guard back. With the bought time Arannsis climbs to his feat albeit still heavily damaged.

The guards, being taken aback by the sudden reappearance of the Tiefling, grow increasingly hostile and begin to attack the two again. Shagretor, despite his earlier showing of speed, fails to evade any of the oncoming attacks and ends up dropping to the ground after the mass of blows. Arannsis reaches down to help the demon-esque creature to his feet and the two continue to unleash two final powerful blows with what little of their strength they had left to very little avail. The guards proceed to deal a final slew of blows and the two foreigners fall.

– – – – –

That brings a close to part one of the first session of D&D Milodon(A Tentative Title). Part two of session one will be released shortly. Till then let me know what you think and if you’d like to see more. I’m still experimenting with how I’m presenting the campaign’s story and events so if you find that something seems off or just not fleshed out enough let me know and I’ll take that into account for future parts.

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