Time Stop!: What is Time Stop?

Everyone needs a little break now and then. For myself having a break from things from time to time is an absolute necessity. When I get all worked up and when I’m done with complaining and ranting about things I just go for a walk and think about all sorts of things in my life. Most often than not these things are incredibly ridiculous and sometimes I feel like sharing them with people. So this is what Time Stop is going to be about. It’s just going to be my break from the world. A post where I can talk about whatever stupid nonsense has happened in my life and hopefully I can entertain you with my stories.

To start things off, though, I thought it would be good to tell you where the naming for this series came from. I mean after all Time Stop isn’t exactly a normal name for a blog post right? Well, this is the story of where the whole Time Stop thing came from and why I decided to use it as a title.

During my college days, which are not as far behind me as I’d like them to be, I had a group of friends that were very much into Magic the Gathering. It was during these years that I talked them into teaching me the game and I actually grew rather attached to it. I ended up primarily using a devour deck and in multiple person battles I’ll admit that I was pretty formidable.

Now this group of friends were a very humorous bunch. One of these guys, Alex, would often resort to meme based jokes, another, Aaron, would find humor through insults and the last one, Dave, loved to make things awkward and would do so often. Combined with my general cynicism towards the world we tended to be a group of people that not many others chose to put up with. Not so much because we were dicks, though we certainly were, but because we tended to take things too far or even isolate people who didn’t quite catch on to our brand of humor. Get used to these three guys cause I guarantee I’ll bring them up again some day.

Needless to say we took notice to how awkward we made people feel and while we weren’t exactly broken up about it we decided to use a way to remedy this and at the same time entertain ourselves by doing so. From there on we instituted the Time Stop rule. If you don’t know, Time Stop is a card within Magic that forces a player to end their turn immediately. So what we decided was that once per day each of us would have the opportunity to declare Time Stop. If we did then whoever was talking or doing something would immediately have to stop and change subjects/do something else. We tended to use this as a way to keep each other from going too far with a joke that would make us or others uncomfortable.

That being said, we’re still kind of a bunch of dicks so we would often use it to just mess with each other. There’d be times when one of us got really excited to share news or whatever and someone else would inevitably use a Time Stop and that person would have to wait till the next day to give their news. This also made plenty of awkward conversations as well as moments where we would end up having to drop whatever we were doing just because someone used their Time Stop. The biggest fun of it was waiting for someone else to declare Time Stop so you could make sure they couldn’t get out of an even worse joke or prank that you had planned.

Still, we usually did it for fun and tried to make sure we didn’t go too far with the rule we designed solely for keeping ourselves from going too far in the first place. That being said, it’s always fun to Time Stop someone that’s just bugging the hell out of you. So I suggest using it among a group of friends just for the fun of it. I’m sure you can come up with some interesting ways to use it.

The reason I use the term as a title for my series is because the whole idea of Time Stop is to take a time out. Like I said this is largely a series to relieve stress with and to get away from all of the frustrating or awkward aspects of my life. In a sense I guess you could say that I’m playing a Time Stop on life for a little while with each of these posts.

Obviously all of these stories aren’t going to be about Magic and most will be more interesting than this. Still, I wanted to share with you where I was coming from on the whole Time Stop thing and I thought it served as a decently entertaining introduction to this new series. So here’s until the next bit of craziness from my life.


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