Behind the Article: Aresol’s Archives

I would love to sit here and tell you that I go through a complicated process with writing my articles. Personally I don’t see it that way, but still others might actually care about what goes into these things. So today I’m going to sit here and go over some brief details about what goes into my writing process. I’m not saying that this is the best method as I’m sure it isn’t but it’s the process I’ve become most accustomed to. This probably won’t be a long post for once so if you have a short attention span then congrats.

  • Alright so the first thing I do after making my decision on who I will be writing about is to obviously track down the material necessary to get a good grasp on the character in question. Now as a personal rule I don’t write about characters from stories that are not yet complete so it’s also a good idea to check and make sure that you have absolutely everything.
  •  I then go over everything and pay careful attention to what’s happening, that means analyzing what’s being said, how it’s said, and what the expressions given by the character are and what they could possibly mean. Every once in a while I take a note if something is particularly important or interesting.
  • Now I usually try to write at least a little bit during those earlier two steps so they aren’t necessarily needed to have complete before you begin writing. The first thing I write is the opening, now you’ll want a catcher. Something that grabs the readers attention or makes them think. This is where I input more of a flare for my writing, something maybe a little dramatically written if only to catch the reader. What goes into this varies but it usually has something vaguely to do with the over all character or at the very least the theme behind the character which is something that will vary between articles.
  •  Ok, we get into the bulk of the article now. Everything that was taken from going through the material on the character is implemented here. Now I’ll start by saying that my romanticized way of writing is cut back a bit here for more cold, analytic writing. You want to get across the facts and what you’ve interpreted clearly but at the same time you don’t want this to turn into a report so keep it lively and interesting while sticking to the necessities.
    This section will get it’s material divided up into clear sections that describe the character’s personality. Of course how it’s split up and how long it will inevitably be is up to which character is being discussed, if the character goes through a lot of development then those changes should be highlighted, if the character is fairly static then a strict personality description is all that is needed. This will be the longest section of the article one way or another and as such a lot of time should be spent here.
  • The next step isn’t a permanent step and again predominately depends on which character is being analysed. This section is used to discuss the character’s connection to the world around them and how they influence the world or vice versa, though it is often used to show how akin the character may be to their surroundings. Some characters stand as pretty strong representations for the world they reside in and some characters stand as the opposite of this fact or possibly want their world may need as opposed to what it is.
  • Next we hit relationships which can be a fairly important part to the character so this step may get covered a bit in the bulk of the article to save time or confusion or to help the flow of everything. This is to show the influence the character has on others or vice versa. Again these characters may have a direct influence on the subject’s development and could be easily covered during the main section of the article. It’s helpful to note that you don’t want to dwell too much on these characters that the subject has a relationship with as you do not want to steal focus from your topic.
  • Now we get into our closer to wrap up the article with a brief synopsis of what you discussed, though try to reword it best as possible. It’s ok to be a bit more dramatic with your writing again as you’ll want a nice impact with your closing words. You’ll also want to try to relate what has been learned about the character to some sort of life lesson though this is really give or take. Don’t be afraid to attempt to pull at the reader heartstrings or give them a good laugh.
  • Nope not done yet, I usually go over everything and check the spelling and grammar to make sure it’s legible. Then I reread it again to see if there’s any problems with how the writing flows and see if I can’t reword it to fix whatever problems are spotted. Remember you want nice segways as jumping from topic to topic with an article like this can be daunting to the reader, remember it’s not a report so try to make it seem like you’re speaking a bit casually while maintaining a professional and unbiased outlook. That may sound hard but it’s something that can gradually be gotten used to.
  • After that just think of a title, maybe something witty, and post it.

That’s it. That’s more or less my method to writing these articles. Obviously this method can’t help to write something like a story or what not but the basic guidelines are there. I hope this was interesting, it’s something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while.


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