So Starts A New Chapter.

I am finally taking the step to launch my own separate blog for my Aresol’s Archives articles that appear on RRR. While they will of course keep going up on RRR, for the time being, this blog is to allow a separate outlet for them as well as let me show off some other projects that I have been working on or have planned.

There won’t be any edits done to the articles as they’re posted here aside from maybe some spelling changes and the articles will be put here later than when they go up on RRR. Really though this blog is all for me and a way to accumulate more feedback from my articles.  As I said earlier though this is also a place that I’ll put up side projects, some of my Ramboard Blog posts, or general ramblings about whatever might come to mind.

Hopefully I can do something fun and exciting with this blog and turn it into something I can be proud of. Lord knows I’ve cast many a blogs to the sideline before.


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